Wednesday, 30 June 2010

i can't vlog with my breakout :(

I feel like such a slacker not having updated my blog in well over a week. I'm suffering a major breakout right now so vlogging is OUT OF THE QUESTION! even though i have so many videos i need to film... so blogging shall be my outlet until my skin is clear again.
I finally got a start date for my job YAY! this is good for me and my bank balance but not so hot for my subscribers... i won't have much daytime filming time :s
I'm gonna try and get some filmed in advance to kind of back me up in case I can't film for like a week but I'm gonna miss vlogging and updating my youtube all the time :(
So excited to start work though... I'm definitely gonna do a video on my transformation from everyday slacker to working girl ;)
on the ttc front it's been driving my fiance mad!! he feels like I should be pregnant already.... it's only been 3 we're both trying to forget about it best we's tough though.

It's been decided we will get married in london as soon as our divorces are both final... i have my dress i've chosen my shoes and i'm going to do some hair looks on video soon for you guys to help me choose ... i think i know what i want though... i'm going for a kind of flowy 60s vibe and for the hair an updo with side swept bangs/fringe ... but that's for a whole other blog entirely... it could happen as early as late august/early september and i can't wait... the dress I have will allow for a bump in case I have one (fingers crossed)
hoping to redesign ny blog in the next few days and by tomorrow have some new videos up...
see you later


miss bb

Friday, 18 June 2010

DIY Spa @ Home

You know you guys... I don't always look like this ;)
It takes a lot of work and sometimes... you need to treat your skin!
firstly make sure your face is completely clean and free of make up
I use an estee lauder eye make up remover all over my face...
So now your face is clean we're ready to start...

My favourite cream cleanser is Simple purifying cleansing lotion..
I only ever use this when I am treating myself to a facial at home,
day to day I use cliniques facial cleansing bar...
Squeeze out around this amount to apply to your face..
trial and error will help you learn for yourself how much is right for you!
Now take this opportunity to massage your skin..
this alone will brighten your complexion,
try to use upward strokes rather than down,
you don't want to prematurely age your skin by dragging it downwards
the next step is EXFOLIATE it's up to you wether you want to rinse your cleanser
and use an exfoliant or like I do.. use a "scrublet" and exfoliate while you still have
the cleanser on...
once your skin is smooth...
wipe off any excess cleanser with a cotton wool pad
next step is STEAM
pour boiling water into a bowl and hold your head over it..
if you like you can place a towel over your head to capture the steam
it's like a facial sauna and opens your pores in preparation
for the next step...

Now for the FACE MASK..
I use the body shops tea tree oil mask and apply it with a brush..
While you're waiting for thatto dry you could make use of your time...
not just by pulling funny faces :P
I like to treat my feet to a pedicure..
Give them a soak first ideally... you have a bowl of hot
water handy after all,
use the pumice stone while your skin is stil damp...
pat dry then use your foot file to smooth down any rough
areas left!
the best moisturiser to use to really treat your feet
i've found is e45..
it might not smell or look very special but once it's soaked in
you will absolutely feel the difference..
beautifully smooth feet!!!
Why not give yourself a nice foot rub?
i like to really lather on the cream and leave it to soak...

And while they're soaking and my face mask is drying/
working why not chillax with a glossy rag..
lay back and relax...
Once I've washed off the mask I use a nose cleansing strip
designed to lift blackheads...
next step is TONE
i use step 2 from cliniques 3 step range
but any toner would do the job
I use a cotton wool pad
to clean my face with the toner
At this stage I like to address and problem areas,
blemishes etc...
these are my favourite blemish fighters :
garnier pure spot roll on and pure tea tree oil
I would leave those to dry as long as necassary.. usually an hour (is)
then apply moisturiser.. my favourite is my clinique dramatically different
moisturising lotion...
I then apply any eye cream or lip balm
after that you're done...
you're all pampered and by tomorrow your skin will be glowing
and feel so much smoother!!!
the more often you give yourself a facial your skin will adapt and you will gradually see your skin condition improve... If you can get it in once a week fantastic... if not try fot at least once a month your skin will thank you!!! You can change the steps a little to suit you.. the process does not have to be so long... the more you do it the quicker you'll be able to complete the process!!!

Good Luck Girls


miss bb

video research & hair care blah..

Hey there!

I'm browsing my huge stack of this months magazines for inspiration.. should i do fashion/makeup or just style for my next video? I need to upload this weeks TTC video too... but on the related video topic.... hmmm!
I love looking through articles/pictorials for ideas, I love the hair and makeup... I've always loved the idea of working for a magazine... it must be so much fun!
Also.. I've been experimenting with a new hair conditioner formula... I have a V05 frizz relief elixer in a spray bottle i've used like hald of, I've added some deep conditioner, argan oil and serum... shook it up and applied it to the end of my dry hair... i brushed it through and i'm waiting for it to sink in and dry now..
my ends are really brittle and breaking off i need to something about it... I'm coming to the conclusion it's probably time for a hair cut.. it's been such a long time since i went... like well over a year since it was cut.. it needs doing but I'm growing it :(
I guess in theory if I cut it now and then really deep condition it and try to look after it best I can then it should grow longer... as is I dont think it's growing coz it's just breaking off... i hate having my hair cut.. its like i'm starting over... arrgghh!

enough of that,
I'm gonna finish my magazine research and maybe start my style inspiration blog i said i was gonna put up.. ok ok ..
i'll do that now

see YOU all later



miss bb

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Swap-Shop and blog update...

I'm so excited to start swapping with my subscribers. I've started already with MisssLadyRose and had a few people come forward saying they wanna swap for some things I showed in my video...
It's so cool! I really like this new idea, I'm excited to put my packages together aswell as recieve some goodies :D
I'm watching The City right now and it's making me think maybe I should do my "celebrity inspiration" video/blog in the next few days...
I've been meaning to do it for AGES just haven't gotten around to it..
I also wanna get my style blog up with some pictures... it's not like i dont have time lol... why haven't i got these up already?
I think because I had few followers of my blog b4 I wasn't really driven to keep it up to date and get on the blogs I planned to do.. now I'm getting a couple of followers and veiwers I am definitely gonna make more effort..
I think either my celeb style inspiration/"my style" blog will be uo tomorrow ...
so keep reading/watching


miss bb

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ellas Debut

I'm currently uploading a video Ella made, it's like the cutest thing EVER!!!
Sh emade me leave the room while she "did her video" and put make up on etc... if you watch it you'll see how much attention she pays when I watch/make videos myself it's soooo funny! She even sais "subscribe" at the end, thats ma girl!

miss bb


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

How I care for my BLONDE HAIR

most of the time i leave my hair to dry naturally... it has a wave to it so once its dry i use aussie curl definition serum to define my waves and make my "do" look more "done" ;) ...

if i'm going to blowdry/straighten my hair i protect it first with aussie heat defence spray...

when i do straighten my hair i like to use a straightening serum to smooth my hair beforehand... i use a small amount to smooth fly aways when i've finished styling, i love this bed head control freak...

this is a fab trick i learnt about from belledujournyc
once a week i leave argan oil in my hair overnight! i wet my hair and towel dry, massage the oil into my hair and wrao it in a towel, i have to thoroughly shampoo the next day but it works wonders making my hair feel nourished and conditioned...

my favourite conditioner to restore shine and strength.. i like to massage it in to my ends and leave for 5/10 mins to work... my hair always feels healthier afterwards and it's an inexpensive treat...

What I use to keep brassiness and yellow tones at bay....

uugghhh SO ANGRY

that hateful woman replied to a comment on youtube on the election time video...
why is she so spiteful? why do people put hater comments on videos? it angers me so much when it's clear they only viewed the video to be mean... WHY? especially when they are a grown woman who should definitely know better!!!!!
that's my rant.. i'm going to go back to watching re-runs of charmed and tidying the living room now... oh and still no ovulation today :(((


miss bb

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Celeb Pregnancy Style

celebrities make pregnancy look so easy! i'm so impatient already but to pass the time i'm scoping out the best pregnancy style...
check these out xoxo

miss bb

celebrities make pregnancy look so easy! i'm so impatient already but to pass the time i'm scoping out the best pregnancy style...
check these out xoxo

miss bb

Summer Must-Haves

Thursday, 10 June 2010

oohps... i've been MIA

I've not been as "on it" as I could have been with my blog :(
but I'M BACK!!!! just like the hills :p

anywho, I'm trying for a baby and right now I'm looking up what vitamins/supplements my fiance and I can be taking to aid the process...
this is what I've found out

Folic Acid – Pregnacare® Conception provides 400mcg folic acid, the exact level recommended by the UK Department of Health for all women who are trying to conceive. As well as the healthy development of the foetal neural tube, folic acid may also play a role in conception, and is required in the first days and weeks of life, before you are even aware that you are pregnant.

Antioxidant minerals with natural vitamin E – Important co-factors in antioxidant enzymes, to help protect genetic material from free radical damage. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient, important for helping maintain healthy skin, nerves, heart and circulation, muscles and red blood cells. Pregnacare® Conception contains a low recommended dietary intake of 20mg. This is present in the natural form which is better absorbed by the mother and transported to the foetus than synthetic vitamin E.

Inositol – Inositol may help support ovarian function and influence fertility. It is involved in the cell signalling pathway which influences fertilization and cell growth.

L-Arginine – Well known as a precursor in nitric oxide (NO) metabolism, L-arginine can influence release of the egg from the ovaries (follicular release) as well as healthy follicular blood flow and implantation.

N-acetyl cysteine – A precursor of glutathione, an important antioxidant in the body. N-acetyl cysteine is also important for healthy cervical secretions.

Vitamin B12 – Part of the B complex group of vitamins, it has been found that B12 supplementation can help to maintain healthy ovarian function and reproductive health.


thats overwhelming!!
I've ordered an "all-round" supplement so when it arrives I'll give a little test run and tell you all how I've got on!


I've gone blond since we last "spoke" and posted A LOT of videos so check them all out guys xxx

miss bb

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