Friday, 9 March 2012

Miners Bronze Blusher Blend

Those of you that watch my videos may be familiar with this product. It's featured in many monthly favourites and it still remains one of my most-loved products. It was sent to me as a pr sample almost 2 years ago now and it has to be the best freebie I've received to date. It's not the most expensive, it's not the biggest brand but as other items have been rotated out of my every day essentials this has stayed put. 

Miners call it a bronzer/blusher blend. I generally swirl is all up to give me a bronzed glow but I have been known to pick out the lighter shade to use at a highlight as well. I'm not one for all over face shimmer so this is not a bronzer for me but I wear this high on my cheeks (I avoid shimmer around my pores) and it gives me a lovely sheen with no visible glitter particles so you could use it all over for a dewy finish but I'm a little too conservative day to day.. maybe with a tan. I've swatched below to show you the product mixed together (top) the lighter shade alone (middle) and the darker shade alone (bottom).

What I personally really love about this is that you can be heavy handed and you won't look overdone. It's enough colour and glow without the danger of Russian doll cheeks. In the picture below I applied this probably as heavily as I could and it's still not too much. If you're like me and just a bit rubbish with a blusher brush you will undoubtedly fall in love with this as I have. 

The shade I have is the paler of the two available, Sunblushed. There's also Sunkissed which looks more bronzer than blush if that's more your scene. They are available here for £4.99

I get a lot of questions about stockists and where to find Miners products in stores. As much as I firmly believe that Miners should be stocked in the likes of Superdrug or Boots it is currently a pharmacy only kind of company. You can find your closest stockist here if you really don't want to purchase blind online. 
Other products from the brand I'd recommend are their Matte Factor lip paints, Sweet Lips glosses (recently reduced to just 99p each they are super nourishing on dry lips) and The Cheek of it Cream Blush

There are lots of other products I have liked from them but they are my current favourites. For those wondering I'm not affiliated in anyway nor was this a sponsored post. I am sent pr samples but that sums up the relationship I have with the company. I just genuinely wish they were more accessible as I think they would be really popular. People aren't always willing to buy online without swatching and it will be a shame if they continue to receive little buzz in the beauty community.

Miss BB


  1. May have to try this,looks great! You look lovely in that picture.
    Ashlie x

  2. I really like the sounds of this especially as I am fairly pale, I don't mind ordering online but I agree they would be more popular if you could get them in Superdrug or Boots. I only heard of this brand through you talking about them

  3. I love it! It makes you look as though you've just got back from holiday! I love your blog!! :-) xoxox

  4. Oooooo pretty looking :) I remember you talking about this when you first got it ;)

  5. ooo this looks very gorgeous, Love your make up


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