Friday, 30 September 2011

Outfit Month #30

*What I'm Wearing*

Dress - Primark
Leggings - Topshop Maternity
Pumps - Primark
Nameplate Necklace - eBay
Earrings - F21

*Beauty Breakdown*

Garnier BB Cream in Light
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer
Gosh Eyebrow Pen in Dark Brown
Eyes - Selection from Naked Palette

For a tutorial on this look see the video below...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Home Hair Extensions - How To

I've thought about doing this a lot since I chopped my hair off in February. I used to use glue-in hair extensions all the time a few years ago before I discovered clip-ins and decided they were the be all and end all. The problem with clip-ins for me is that I can never be bothered to put them in and when I do they feel loose or tug my hair and more than anything else they feel bulky on my head. Being pregnant there's not a lot you can do to make you feel more attractive as you get heavier so I guess that had something to do with why I finally bit the bullet today. I know I'll probably regret it.. I remember the nights of picking glue out my hair but I couldn't help myself. I did buy the weaker glue (not the liquid gold I used to buy) and some remover so I'm keeping everything crossed it's got easier in the last few years.
They took less than an hour to put in.. more like 40mins actually, so it will really depend on how easy they are to remove and how long they last as to whether this will be a regular thing.. we'll see. I love the extra length. I didn't want them too long so I went for 14" and I think they blend quite well.
I knew I wouldn't be able to let this change go without explanation and anticipated lots of "how do I?" questions so figured I'd take some pictures by way of tutorial. 
I bought 4 strips (£6 each) , I bought 2 different shades in the hope it would look more natural as my hair isn't one block colour.  You can see below on the left how they look wrapped up and on the right each width unravelled. I alternated the two shades when I applied them to my hair.

Here's my before... 

When I sectioned my hair nobody was more surprised than me at the colour of it.. since I used Colour B4 last week I thought it had lightened up overall but turns out the layers underneath lifted a lot more...Disappointing to see my roots though.. I haven't bleached my hair since February.. I don't think that's much growth for 7months! Anyway... so I sectioned my hair with a tail comb...

I applied a thick line of glue to the "root" of one strip of hair and left it a couple of minutes to go tacky..

Hopefully you can see from the picture below but in a nutshell I attached it as close as I could get to the roots of my own hair. You may well need help (I did... Lee did most of the work if I'm honest)
One thing to make sure of is not to get any glue on the upper hair you've sectioned away!!!

Repeat for as many layers as you feel necessary to get a believable thickness. I think I could have done with a couple more but hey ho... next time! Forgive my badly straightened hair below but this was just after application. Add some waves and serum and the extensions are barely detectable. I'm really pleased with them! You can be sure I will rue this day when I come to remove them but I will be blogging that experience too so watch this space.

How many of you have tried DIY glue-in extensions?

Outfit Month #29

*What I'm Wearing*

Vest - Primark
Dress - H&M Maternity
Leggings - Topshop Maternity
Pumps - Primark
Nameplate Necklace - eBay
Earrings - Primark

Last day at work tomorrow... can't quite believe it!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Outift Month #28

*What I'm Wearing*

You may have noticed I pretty much live in my maternity leggings. I don't know what I'd have done without them... they are the ultimate in pregnancy comfort! I actually bought them at the same time as I bought this shirt and together they are practically pyjamas! This is by far my most comfortable outfit. I only wish the shirt didn't crease so terribly but then I guess it wouldn't be as lovely if it wasn't so cottony soft.
I'm also love love loving my new red bag... total bargain, just big enough for everything I need and still beautifully structured so it looks smart even when empty.

Shirt - Topshop Maternity
Leggings - Topshop Maternity
Pumps - Primark
Bag - H&M
Nameplate Necklace - eBay

One thing I had to mention in todays post is this lovely package I received.
A lovely twitter follower, Charlotte (find her here) responded to my plea a few weeks ago for a coconutty perfume after I developed a small obsession for the scent. Many people came back to me with suggestions but the uber generous Charlotte offered me a spare bottle of her recommended Tahitian Holiday that she had but didn't think she'd use. By no means am I encouraging people to send me things but I had to give her a mention as it was a lovely gesture. She even sent a note... how sweet?
I really like the perfume, I am wearing it today and can report it's very long lasting as I have worn it all day and at 10pm as I type whch I never can usually so I'm really impressed. Thank you Charlotte!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Smokin' Eyes at Smokin' Prices

After the success of the Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish deal I'm really pleased to be telling you about this one. I was as sceptical as the next person and wasn't sure whether the Nails Inc deal would be a one off but its looking like those among us in the market for beauty bargains will grow to love BuyaPowa.. our bank accounts perhaps even more so. The current deal is for Benefit's Smokin' Eyes Makeover Kit. It's a handy handbag sized palette perfect for travelling, touch ups or even to keep in your desk drawer for those impromptu post work drinks. It's all you need to transform your makeup from day to night.

As you can see from the picture below the price drops from £28.50 to £17.50 immediately and providing 75 people buy everyone will pay just £13.00!! Postage is free too!
You can currently buy this palette at House Of Fraser for £31.50 including delivery where it's been given 5 star reviews by customers who've paid full price. If it's a great product at £28.50 then it's a fantastic one at  £13.00, wouldn't you agree?

If you're interested in the offer you can click here to view it live..
By the time you're reading this it could already have reduced in price!

If you have any questions check out my blog post here which hopefully will answer most of them and give you a bit more info about BuyaPowa and how it works.
If you've got a suggestion as to what their next deal should be leave me a comment there.

Outfit Month #27

I had another H&M delivery yesterday... Yes it's a problem!
I had ordered this orange cardigan/shrug for the bargain price of £3.99 as well as this satchel. I'd been eyeing up the bag since I saw it a month or so ago and in that time it's been in and out of my basket too many times to count but what settled my purchase was seeing it on MakupSavvy's blog. Online I just couldn't tell how good the quality would be, Faux leather has the potential to be really terrible and although it was just £15 I didn't want to risk it. Once I saw it "in person" on her blog post however it had to be mine. You can buy it in brown too but I would say the red looks less like it's trying to be leather.. does that make sense? Another mention, last night I put on a top coat of glitter to my Models Own Beth's Blue nails. I used Coronation by OPI which I got in my Glossybox a couple of months ago. I must say OPI is expensive but I really love that glitter.. I have the trial size but I'm sorely tempted to buy the big one when I run out. It gives a really cool finish to my favourite blue polish.

*What I'm Wearing*

Orange Cardigan - H&M - buy here
Black Vest - Primark
Leggings - Topshop Maternity
Boots - Faith
Nails - Models Own Beths Blue and OPI Coronation
Nameplate Necklace - eBay
Red Satchel - H&M - buy here

*Beauty Breakdown*

Garnier BB Cream in Light
Rimmel Saty Matte Powder
Benefit Dallas Bronzer/Blush (lightly used)
Bourjois Round Pot Eyeshadow in Shade 08 (used as highlight)
MAC Rule Eyeshadow
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero
Maybelline One by One Mascara
Urban Decay Buck used to fill in eyebrows

I filmed a FOTD, you can watch it below..

Monday, 26 September 2011

Favourite Skincare Giveaway!!

Would you believe this is my 400th  blog post?
To celebrate that and also my just hitting 9000 subscribers on my YouTube channel I am starting a series of giveaways of my favourite products. This week... SKINCARE! 
You may have read my skincare post yesterday... well you could say I was inspired. I've wanted to do a big giveaway of all of my favourite things for a while but have put it off for several reasons. One is that I hate to have to choose just one winner when I run a giveaway and Two... it would be very expensive! This way I can split up the cost as well as the winners :)

This weeks prize...

You must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel or my blog
Leave me a comment letting me know your favourite drugstore skincare product
This giveaway is International
You must be allowed to give out your address if you win
You must leave me a way of contacting you in your comment
This giveaway will last for one week, closing date is 03/10/11


Outfit Month #26

Ok so my photo's leave a little to be desired today but my resident photographer was busy!

*What I'm Wearing*

Vest - Primark
Palazzo Pants - Primark
Cardigan - New Look
Hamsa Hand Necklace - eBay

It's getting more and more difficult to keep up the outfit posts as I near the end of the month, I feel like I'm repeating a lot. I just have 4 days left so I'm going to try and go out on a high. Bump-wise I'm getting really uncomfortable so I couldn't be happier to be finishing work this week too. I cannot wait to be sitting here tweeting you all and boring you with my blogs and vlogs. I'd love some new blog recommendations if you have any favourites, I'm going to have a lot of free time for a while so why not fill it with some new reads?

Makeup-wise there wasn't a lot going on  today. I walked to work so I just didn't feel like making as much effort knowing I would be huffing and puffing and probably all red by the time I got there.
Obviously I changed in to my 'jamas soon as I got home (hence the baggy tshirt)


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Skincare Switch-Up

Above are all of my old skincare favourites. My go-to face mask, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. They had been recommended to me and I truly believed they were giving me my best possible skin... not so!
Here's a run down of what I spent on my skin care...

Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Mask - £16.50
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - £13.75
Botanics Pore Perfecting Toner - £3.05
Clinique Clearing Moisturiser  - £16.50

For the past few months I've been using this combination of products instead and have absolutely found the right regime for me. Happily I discovered them all at drugstore prices...

Avon Clear Pore Thermal Mask - £4.20
Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash - £5.99
Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner - £2.99
Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser - £2.99

Let's not forget my separate daytime moisturiser

L'oreal Triple Active Day - £5.12
Clean & Clear Morning Energy - £3.99

Overall my every day routine used to cost me £54.92. It now costs just £20.16, that's a saving of £34.76!!!
But how do the products compare?

I'll start with the masks. These are not technically every day skin care items but I do use them two or three times a week so close enough. They don't claim to do the same job so it's hard to compare but I realised that clearing my pores was more important for me than shrinking them so I think the Avon version works better for that reason. I will say the Clinique mask is effective and if you have enlarged pores I'd recommend giving it a go.

On to the cleansers, I do like the hugely hyped Liz Earle Hot Cloth but it's so much effort! At least a couple of times a week you need to wash the cloths which is fine but just another thing to remember. I like to know that everything I need to wash my face, hair etc etc is ready and waiting for me when I get in the shower. I love that the Garnier cleanser has the exfo-brush attachment built in, very effective and a time saver.  

Toners... I thought a toner was a toner, again I like the Botanics one just fine and the idea that it includes oil-absorbing clay really does appeal but I had forgotten the wonders of Tea Tree Oil. When I was pregnant with Ella I was addicted, I carried a bottle of it wherever I went and smothered my face in it every night, in hindsight I probably had my best skin then.. I don't know why I ever stopped. I love the smell and it gives me such a squeaky clean feeling. This is definitely the one product I've switched up that's made the most difference to my blemish problems.

Everyone knows how much I love my Clean and Clear. I don't really know why I ever thought anything would do a better job. I hated the smell and the taste (it migrates to your mouth, I'm not crazy) of the Clinique moisturiser. It seemed to make my skin feel smoother and more moisturised but it did absolutely nothing for my blemishes. The Clean and Clear is miracle lotion that I will never stray from again!

The daytime pre-makeup moisturisers are totally different. The loreal is thick and rich and not ideal to sink in to skin directly before applying makeup/primer. The Clean and Clear is oil free and dries quickly, ideal if you are going to use it to prep your skin before a tinted moisturiser and don't want to be left too oily. 

So I've found a routine that works for me, don't let that fool you I will never be satisfied and am always on the look out for bigger and better things but now I know what works for me I am looking for variations on what i have already. I will not change my night-time moisturiser unless Clean and Clear release a new, improved version because I just love it so much but everything else.. you never know!

What are your holy grail skincare products?  

Outfit Month #25 and Meet Spike

Another brief outfit post... weekends are for rest!

*What I'm Wearing*
Jeans - Next Maternity
Top - Primark

Now as promised today is Spike's day to be introduced to you all. Unfortunately he's not quite so much the poser as his brother so this is the best I could do...

Meet Spike

He is a totally different personality to Remy. He is independent and loyal. He thinks he's Nana (Peter Pan reference) and will not have fighting or arguing in the house. He's only content when everyone is home and at night he patrols at regular intervals to check they are all where they should be. Unlike Remy he would be lost without us, he is difficult to win over, you have to put in the time and even then he makes you work for it. Spike was my first dog and he will always be my favourite. I always felt like he was the pushed out older child when Remy came along so I never really bonded with Remy because I didn't want to leave Spike out. Some people treat their animals like pets and those people will think we are crazy but ours are family, celebrate birthdays and are very much loved.


On a complete tangent I am going to leave you with my song of the day.
I love this and never hear it, I have no idea where I first found it but I will never tire of it.

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