Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I'm sad :(... my daughter has just gone back to her dads house after staying with me a full week and I will miss her. When we first split and started sharing custody I was dating and enjoying my lost youth a little so my 3days "off" I really relished but now I'm all loved up and sorted in a little "family unit" I miss her when she's not here I really do. But once she starts summer school in July I will have her the majority of the time as it's much closer to my house than his.
I've been feeling really sorry for myself but I'm gonna pick myself up right now and be smiley 'cause I'm having my tea made for me and my lovely fiance has bought me flowers, what have I to complain about? Most mums would die to have a few days off lol. Look out for more videos tomorrow as I'm home alone and so shall be BORED!!



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