Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hungover but WHY?

So I woke up this morning with the work "hangover" but I don't get why?! I didn't drink anything last night, I think maybe I need to catch up on some sleep. Still... I've been up a while and it's only getting worse, I should mention at this point I am a tad hypochondriacal hehe. Anywho, just waiting now for my fiance to come home for lunch for some snuggles, in the meantime I may give myself a lil facial to pick me up, maybe I'll hit record. I was just watching a video by... I think Iqroom she was called? her real name was patti, I was checking out her channel and wouldn't you just no lanaindiana suggested she start a blog! NO WAY!!! i love lana so I love finding random comments from her on lesser watched videos. I think for now I'm gonna go find lanas blog and checkn out the backlog, that sounds like fun, I hope she reads mind some day, LOVE YA LANA!

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