Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hey Guys!

I uploaded a ton of vids today and have had a lot more views/comments than usual. Things on the YOUTUBE front are picking up. yay!
I've just finished replying to all my messages and comments and I HAD to blog about what I'm watching!!
"I sleep with strangers" now okay, its about sex so you think you know what you're getting but its sooo graphic, I was really shocked at the language. I'm not a prude and it doesn't offend me but I was still kind of shocked lol. I can't believe people go trawling on the internet for sex, it's kind of bizarre!!
It also advertised sex swings....hmm! I'm interested, now we have a spare room as our housemates left maybe I'll get one HAHA!
anywho, off that topic, I think I'll have some time to do a couple more videos tomorrow so please go to my YOUTUBE channel and check those out, sub me there and follow me here,
See You Guys L8r


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