Monday, 11 June 2012

All Used Up #3

James Brown
Rich Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

These claim to ‘deeply hydrate and cleanse hair’ but honestly they left my hair dry and limp. Given that they are supposed to have a particularly moisturising formula I was underwhelmed. They’re expensive, I believe they were £7/8 when I bought them and I really thought they were going to do something special but they were just rubbish for my hair.

James Brown
Photo Fabulous Intensive Treatment

I bought this at the same time as the shampoo and conditioner – good old Boots and their 3 for 2′s eh? Again.. Given that this was an intensive treatment I expected more.. My hair didn’t even feel as nourished as it would after using a regular conditioner. I read somewhere that you could use it overnight to get the best out of it but even then it really did nothing.

Extreme Protein

I’ve actually only recently learned about proteins and moisturisers and this did what it was supposed to do but I didn’t really understand it when I had it. I again thought it was some deep conditioner when in fact proteins provide no moisture whatsoever. They make weak hair stronger and need to be followed by a good conditioner. I got this for a super bargain price but would consider buying something similar again now I understand how it should be used.

Nail Polish Remover

This is my regular remover, nothing spectacular but it does the job and I always repurchase. I don’t find that it dries out my nails or my skin and I don’t look for much else in a nail polish remover.

Rituals Yogi Flow
Foaming Shower Gel

I got this in a Glossy might have been Christmas I’m not sure. Either way it works like a shaving foam in that it comes out in a gel consistency but expands to a frothy, foamy texture to lather up. It’s a nice scent and a fun gimmick but I’m happy with my Soap & Glory body Washes, they last me a really long time and I prefer the fragrances.

Youth Code Serum

This is a tough one for me. I had a few other serums to use up once this ran out but I’m still n the fence as to what I’ll repurchase once I’m out altogether. I’m using a S&G one, a Superdrug one and a few other samples and nothing it absolutely blowing me away. I like my S&G but it’s more moisturiser than serum whereas the Youth Code sinks in to your skin straight away. I love the applicator and the glass bottle, it all feels very luxe and although I can’t see evidence of real change in my skin I think it’s a preventative step in my skincare and it’s the front runner for repurchase at the moment.

Lee Stafford
Shampoo for hair that wont grow past a certain length

Again this was what I consider to be an expensive shampoo for what it is. It’s just as good as anything you’d find at the supermarket and the packaging is terrible. It’s a squeezy bottle but it’s not squeezy.. The plastic is too hard, more designer for a pump action type application, if you’ve used this you’ll know what I mean.. design flaw.

The Body Shop
Coconut Body Scrub

I got this in a gift set I think for Mothers day last year so I’ve had it for a considerable amount of time before breaking it out. It didn’t look grainy enough in the tub to make me want to use it and when I did.. it wasn’t impressive. It was okay but I like more grains than anything else in a body scrub, otherwise it’s just like a scratchy lotion, do you know what I mean? Overall I wasn’t expecting to love it and I didn’t. I wouldn’t repurchase.

I have been using up SO much recently, I’m doing really well getting through what I have before shopping for more stuff so you can expect these posts to be frequent. For those that would rather watch that read, here’s the video version..

Miss BB

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  1. The MOP protein treatment sounds interesting...I use a protein shampoo such as the Joico K-Pak swapped in with a hydrating shampoo every other day which works OK.

    I also really didn't get on with the James Brown products when I tried them.

    Rachel from What A Beauty

  2. Boot's 3 for 2 offers are my downfall! I really want to try the L'oreal serum. I love the packaging!

  3. Why don't you try the boots essentials nail polish remover? Its only £1 and I love it, it works great, boots points, and you dont need to make a special trip to superdrug :) x

  4. definitely feel the same about the lee stafford shampoo!


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