Thursday, 3 May 2012

Photo A Day May - #3 Something You Wore Today

What can I say? It was a pyjama day!

Miss BB


  1. Me too :)

  2. Hi,

    I hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering how to follow your blog using blogger. When I click onto your blog all the usual icons come up at the top (share, report abuse etc) except follow! I've bookmarked your page as I really like it but I know I will forget to check back.

    I only found your blog this morning from the St Ives Facebook page (I am trying out the facescrub and I LOVE it so far) and I've already spent half my morning looking at your older posts so I hope there is a way!

    Kate xx

    1. well that's always lovely to hear! Stupid question but are you logged in to blogger? I think you have to be for the follow to appear.. if not you can click follow in the side bar and log in there. I know what you mean about forgetting to check, I have found some great blogs but unless I can follow them via GFC I will probably never visit them again :(

    2. I was logged in which was slightly baffling (I went on another blog and the follow link came up) but I *think* that it is working now! Sorry to be a pain!

      I've been persuaded by your posts and the Superdrug/Boots online reviews to try the Clean & Clear moisturiser as it sounds great.
      If you haven't tried it already I would recommend Benefits new cleanser in the B-right range (I think it's called foamingly clean or something similar) as it makes my skin so soft and feel really clean. I was given a set of miniatures of the range for my birthday (£10) and that really stood out (other bits were all good... but not good enough for the pricetags!) so I am going to purchase the full size one. I have fairy 'normal' skin but between my eyebrows is very dry and my forehead occasionally is oily and breaks out btw :) xx


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