Monday, 9 January 2012

Next Glitter Liners

I would never have bought cosmetics from Next for myself but having received this eyeliner set for Christmas I would consider doing so in the future. It contained 4 shimmer and 4 glitter liners. The pigment wasn't fantastic but they're a great little addition to my makeup collection for adding a little bling as and when. When it comes to glitter I prefer it in liner form as I HATE fallout but don't use it enough to warrant buying lots of full sized colours. These minis are perfect.

Have you tried Next cosmetics?

Miss BB


  1. No, never heard of them. But the glitters look awfully tempting.

  2. When i first swatched these i loved them, yet i never really seem to find a time to use them, but this post has inspired me to! The only downside i noticed to these was how they smell quite strong, almost a bit nail polishy, and didnt want them to irritate my eyes! Xxxx

  3. I got a lipgloss set from next for the Christmas before last one and didn't rate it at all. They were super sticky and ridiculously frosty - even if it was the 80s I would have scared people away wearing them. Maybe I shouldn't discard Next completely for cosmetics, but I'm just not too sure about them.

  4. I dont think id actually wear them myself but they look gorgeous!

  5. I've got an eyeshadow palette from Next that I got a while ago for about £5. It's actually really nice and pigmented and you get a lot for your money!x


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