Saturday, 26 November 2011

Really Relevant Read

I first discovered Lindsey Kelk about this time last year when I was commuting to work on the train and found myself with a lot of spare time to read. I found I heart New York and had to buy it given my obsession for all things NYC, I've since ready I heart Hollywood and I heart Paris and loved them all. If your a fan of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series you will definitely enjoy this one. Another reason to love this author is that she's a fellow beauty blogger. You can find her blog, Beauty Mecca, here. I was online yesterday browsing for stocking fillers when I saw I heart Vegas, it was like she had read my mind! We're planning a trip to Vegas in March, we were originally going to get married there (read about that here) but it will now be our honeymoon. I was willing her next book to be in Vegas and I just can't quite believe it is.. 

I've already ordered my copy, it's not due for release until 8th December but you can get yours here
l know this wasn't a beauty related post but I nearly missed this so wouldn't want you to 

Miss BB


  1. Love reading books like these!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. Her books keep pooping up on my recommendations on amazon and after reading this I think I shall try them. I have a vegas obsession as we got married there. Thanks for the recommendation! X

  3. Ooo, I just might have to pop this on my reading list.. I too am going to Vegas next yr for a wedding so this will be an exciting read!
    I love Sophie Kinsella too!

  4. I love Lindsey Kelk books. I first discovered it when I got my new iphone, and I saw the I Heart NY was free, so I downloaded it. It took me a matter of days to finish the book. I look forward to reading the Vegas book :)

  5. I have read all 3 of the 'I <3 Books' and loved them, I didn't know she was bringing another out, I am excited to read this!!!




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