Thursday, 10 November 2011

MAC Glitter & Ice - What I bought

So I finally picked up what I decided were the must-haves of the new MAC Glitter & Ice Collection last night. The Paint Pot in Morning Frost and the Glitter Polish Unconditionally Fabulous.

The polish was one I knew I'd regret if I didn't buy it and I wasn't wrong. It's beautiful and would absolutely "Christmas Up" anything you applied it over the top of.  The glitter is dense enough you could build an opaque glitter polish with 2 or 3 coats and it's nice and evenly distributed for it to work well as a topcoat. For those wondering the polish I have on underneath is Soft Grey from Beauty UK (look out for NOTD post soon). I thought it would look nice and frosty and it really does, very festive!

The paint pot is a very neutral shimmery shade.. on my hand it looked perfect and I must mention it is super long wearing. Once it was on there was no budging it and on my eyes it didn't seem to crease. I am disappointed though, it's a lot lighter on my lids than I anticipated. I thought it would give more impact but it's kind of blah. I didn't buy "let's skate" because it seemed really similar to "Chilled on Ice" which I purchased from the Champale collection. I do love my neutral tones but this is nothing special. Not many paint pots do it for me but i was so hoping this one would. Shame. 

I picked up a foundation and concealer while I was there but I will blog about those separately.
There's nothing else I'm DYING for from the Glitter & Ice collection. I loved the Snowglobe beauty powder, mainly because of the name but when I swatched it in store it really was beautiful and I'd also have loved to get a brush set but this close to baby and Christmas I'm trying to reign in the spending a touch. I figured I was entitled to a little pre-birth treat though ;)

Miss BB 


  1. I am completely drooling over the holiday collection..payday cant come any sooner!
    Shame about the paintpot! the swatch does look lovely though


  2. That polish is so pretty. Reminds me of a snowglobe! Getting me in the mood for Christmas haha.

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  3. ah shame about Morning Frost, it is gorgeous if you build it up and use a primer to neutralise lid colour underneath but yes quite sheer.

    Love that polish though x x

  4. the nail polish looks amazing, im dying to make a mac order :(

  5. i love the look of the nail polish, its so pretty.

  6. I need that polish in my life!


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