Saturday, 1 October 2011

Beachy Waves at a Budget Price

How many of you have been dying to get your hands on a jumbo hair waver since all the Enrapture sponsored posts have been popping up in your reading lists? Well I have. I was entirely in love with the beachy waves and absolutely buying the styling tool.... until I saw the whopping £75 price tag that is.
I know, I know I've spent more on my beloved GHD's but that's TOTALLY different!! I am "blessed" with naturally wavy hair.. unfortunately if it's not in tip-top condition (which it never is) those waves are really just frizz so my GHD's were a necessity... you see? A curling tong or waver, however, is not an everyday styler for me so I just couldn't justify that huge expense. I don't want to question the integrity of the bloggers who received one for free and reviewed it favourably but I do wonder how many of them would actually have spent their own cash on the hair tool.
Anyway... that's not what this post is about. This post is dedicated to my much more budget friendly equivalent which arrived in the post today. When I discovered the price of the Enrapture Jumbo Waver I did a little research into what else was on the market. I found only a couple of reviews of the new Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver but it seemed to do the job and at £40 less I was prepared to chance it. I have only used it once so far but already I'm hooked. I have never tried the Enrapture version and so cannot compare the two directly but once I've found something that works for me I don't generally go looking for bigger and better. The Toni and Guy waver is perfect. It's easy to use, heats up fast (to one of 25 heat settings), has tourmaline plates (which prevent colour fading), a lock to keep the plates together when not in use and a 3m swivel cord which for me may be the best benefit of all... Nothing irritates me more than short cords on styling tools! Creating those beachy waves has never been easier! It's practically fool proof.. Nowhere near as much room for error as when using tongs or curling with straighteners... like the crimpers of the 80s and 90s you just section and clamp and are left with a perfect result every time..what more could you want?

If you weren't already convinced I'll leave you with some pictures of me rocking my new favourite hairstyle..
I only wish I'd had this at the beginning of the summer.. at least I will have it all through this party season :)


You can buy the Enrapture Jumbo Waver here for £74.99
You can buy the Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver here for £34.99

If money were no object I still know which I would choose!


  1. Hi just to let you know, i have found a way to do this without heat, if you put your hair into little braids (or big braids) depending on how big or small you want the waves before bed and put a little bit of hair spray and tie the bottoms to keep them in place...when you wake up in the morning you will have pretty much the same can start it at the roots aswell if you want much more body :) xxxx

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    I have followed you also hun :) xxx

  2. I have something very similar I bought agesss ago and dont really use it that much. Its such a pretty look tho, I should dig mine out once again x x

  3. Your hair looks gong gorgeous! Very interested in buying this now! :)

  4. This is the look that my hair naturally goes to - about one a year! I'm also 'blessed' with wavy hair, but that usually means a frizzy mess. I may have to investigate this, as I love the style! x

  5. I love this! I own one of these and am so glad they are back on sale again since I have broken the catch that locks it closed on mine. I haven’t tried the enrapture one either but at that price tag and with a product like this available I don’t see the point. You look great x

  6. The results look really lovely and when it's less than half the price of the Enrapture tool you really can't complain. x

  7. Love this - I have been dying to try the Enrapture jumbo waver for ages but like you, couldn't justify the price tag but £35, it's mine! Buying as I type :) XX

  8. it looks great, ive been considering getting the toni and guy one since it came out :D

  9. @sophie that doesn't work quite so well for me because I have short layers but for others absolutely it's a free way of achieving this look without damaging your hair
    since I put in my extensions I cannot get enough of this!!!
    I'm interested to see how this looks on my shorter hair when my extensions aren't in.
    100% same for me.. if mine did this every day straight out of the shower I would throw my GHDs away lol... alas it never does.
    thanks so much. I wouldn't be without this now but doubt I'd ever shell out £75 for the enrapture
    haha! let me know what you think of it :)
    it's a neccessity but I'm not sure how well it will work on my shorter hair... shall report once my extensions are out

  10. Is that a $ sign??or some other kind of money?? Lol I ask becuz this is the 3rd time I have seen it priced with that symbol


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