Thursday, 15 September 2011

Outfit Month #15

I look massive today but I feel surprisingly slight given that I have 8 weeks to go. I don't feel pregnant enough! Just another 2 weeks at work and then I have a little rest at home before baby arrives... and boy am I looking forward to it. My work isn't too taxing right now.. I'm kind of phasing out but it can still be pretty stressful at times and I am not dealing with stress well. By far the worst pregnancy symptom is breathlessness and whenever I concentrate on anything I hold my breath which as you can imagine.. makes everything worse! Anywho... on to my outfit...

Cardigan : Zara
Vest : H&M
Maxi Skirt : Primark

For my makeup today check out the quick video below...

Bump Shot

One last note... the new H&M stuff is online today,
LOVE IT!!!! Go check it out... I am so in to H&M right now.


  1. im loving the purple it really suits you plus the bumb is getting pretty big, i remember when it waas barely there :D

  2. you have a gorgeous bump!!!! miss mine xxx

  3. @MissMathful
    Purple is my favourite colour :) And my bump is bigger/smaller as the day goes lol
    Thankyou!! I am trying to savour it.. I don't think I'll have any more

  4. Oh my goodness yes! I LOVE all the stuff out at H&M right now. Autumn/winter is my favorite time to shop! Lovely outfit of the day too x


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