Saturday, 30 July 2011

Searching for Soft Lips

So I'm back fro my blogging hiatus (my laptop is back from the fixers..yay!)
Now I've conquered my eyebrow obsession my next is super soft lips. I bought something called Everyday Minerals Deep Kiss Buff & Shine which I am not so enamoured of. The smell is ugh! and you expect me to put that on my mouth? I've used it a couple of times and it's not really improved the dryness/roughness on my lips so I'm not prepared to keep it up for the smell to be as bad as it is! I think I'm going to try the bubblegum one from Lush. After my most recent video lots of people recommended it so I figure.. they can't all be wrong. While I was on their site I also saw a balm called "Lip Service" which is apparently their "original super softner". I figure the scrub paired with the balm may just give me the beautifully soft lips I crave.
So I'm off to Meadowhall this morning to pick up some things and will pop in to Lush.
Do you guys have any suggestions for something I simply MUST try? I'm not a huge Lush fanatic so I haven't tried much but would be open to something new if you guys love it.


  1. I made my own lip scrub by mixing a half empty tin of Vaseline with sugar. Easy peasy :) x

  2. if these work for you id love to know, my lips drive me mad :S

  3. I'd recommend the vanilla lip scrub from Lush rather than the bubblegum one, it tastes divine! You definitely need a good moisturising balm afterwards though x


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