Saturday, 30 July 2011

Avon & Cocktail Cosmetics Haul

Nothing I bought from Avon was uber-life changing or anything but the Sigma brushes... wow!!
I got the round top Kabuki and the small angle brush. I am OBSESSED! The Kabuki is absolutely amazing for applying foundation and cream products and the angle brush has literally revolutionised my eyebrow routine. LOVE IT!
You can expect a full review of the brushes and tutorials very soon.
Check out the video for a look at what else I got!


  1. A really good video, I love your style & how you describe everything xx

  2. i really want to do a sigma haul but im trying to be good at the moment :D

  3. I really want a round foundation brush! Trying to decide between sigma and Lauren luke! Dilemma! X


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