Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yay for Yellow

I am all about the nail trends right now and searched everywhere for a very IN "yellow" that wasn't too... YELLOW! unbelievably I found it in Collection2000. They do a range on bright, on trend shades called HOT LOOKS. They are Smaller than your usual polish so you don't have to commit to faddy colours and at just £1.79 they're definitely worth a look.

It's superfast drying and althought the opacity
Isn't fab it only took 3 thin coats to get it right. The shade is Lemon Soda. It comes off like custard colour in real life and I really really like it!
How do you feel about this new trend?


  1. I have the exact same laptop as you!!! Vaios are awesome :D is yours glittery at the bottom? :)xxx

  2. I like yellow nail polish. I have the Barry M one but it stains my nails so bad!

  3. i really struggle with yellow polish, it really doesnt suit my skin tone :s

  4. The colour really suits you. I got put off yellow nail polish a few years ago, but looking at the colour you are modelling I may have to give it another go! :0)


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