Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My new Go-To Hair

When freshly washed my hair is kinky and just doesn't GO! I've started straightening my hair using John Freida'a 3 day straight and topping up with batiste dry shampoo a couple of times over the week so that I have a more stylable barnett and this is my go to work style. I'm working with my growing-out fringe and pinning the back in a messy updo. It's so quick and easy and looks like I've made so much more effort than I have. I will be filming and blogging about my hair routine and favourite products very soon now I think I have found what works for me so watch out for that.

Whats your go to everyday style?


  1. I dont know how you can cope with not washing your hair for a few days! Even dry shampoo doesnt do it for me.
    I'd like to see a vid/blog post on what hair products your using/your hair routine as im trying to sort my horrid bleached to hell barnett out and reccomendations will help :D

  2. mine is in that stage like a too short to properly go up but long enough to annoy me... so i do something similar and just roughly pin it up until it grows out :D

  3. Ive been doing a very similar look with my natural hair while I try to grow it. Very pretty x x


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