Monday, 11 October 2010

Obsession Of The Day 11/10/10

Right now I'm after a new handbag...
I like to acrry a lot of stuff so a bit slouchy shoulder bag in generally what I go for but I haven't seen anything affordable that I like :(
I've been looking for so long and last week I was shopping after work when my handbag strap snapped :(
Needless to say that ended the shopping trip early and now finding a replacement has been pushed to the top of my priority list..
Here are some of my current favourites..
What do you think? Do you know where I can find anything nice and under say £60... big enough to keep all my crap in?

I don't care if it's "pleather" or fabric or what..  I just want a slouchy, comfortable bag that fits all my stuff in and will go with both my workwear and my jeans..why is it so hard to find? 
I will buy one Friday night in prep for my little trip down to London so you can expect an excited twitpic :)


miss bb

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