Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Barry M - Instant Nail Effects

Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Best product I have bought in SOOO long!
I painted my nails with white pearl from Miners then painted the Barry M topcoat over them and this was the effect!! I hear on the grapevine that a couple of companies have brought out similar products in the past but I've never found any and I'm obsessive so I don't care if they've ripped it off, it's fabulous!
A day on my nails and I must admit one chipped a fairly large chunk off but that could be a coincidence.
I do think it would have looked better over a bright/neon polish.
I wanted to start off white so best show the effect.
Most people on YT came up with the same questions...
can you do any colour underneath? - YES
does it come in any other colours? - NO

Brilliant product £3.95
I got mine from Superdrug
get yours while you can


miss bb

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  1. This stuff is fantastic - I got some too and did a post. I hope they bring out more colours :)


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