Thursday, 21 June 2012

Missing Something?

I know I said I'd post on my blogspot blog and my wordpress blog until the 1st but it got old quick and I'm finally 99% (I'll never be totally done tweaking) happy with my layout so I'm just blogging over there. The good news is that although I don't have GFC on wordpress you CAN follow my new site on your blogger reading list just like this one. For that post see here

It's taken a long time to reach you regular readers and I appreciate your comments and feedback but on blogspot I found it tough to keep up and reply. One of the best things on wordpress is the awesome system to keep track of them so you can expect a response to a comment no matter how old the post. There are so many benefits and hopefully now I've found a way to stay on your dashboard you'll stick with me. As I've mentioned before this blog from the 1st July will redirect to my new site so if you DO want to keep up with my posts you have some time left to do it :)

I think this could be the final post here so for those of you I'm leaving behind, it's been fun, and for those that are coming with.. see you on the other side!

Miss BB


  1. I've added your new URL to my blogger reading list, so I should still see your posts regularly! I'm having trouble with my blog and GFC/blogger at the moment, it's a nightmare!
    Jess xo

  2. Just added your new URL :) X

  3. ohhh this is cool :D :D I added your new URL :D :D
    maybe check out mine???

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