Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bikini Bootcamp - Weigh in #6


This will be the final weigh in!

Bizarrely this week I lost the lb I put on last week plus an extra lb and I've done little to no exercise and sacked off the diet completely! I have however been taking some rather unusual steps in an attempt to 'firm up' the body I am left with. I'm embarrassed to say I even stooped to wrapping myself in cling film to lose the extra inches. Now I've read all there is to read on the subject and am well aware that at most I will lose water weight for a very temporary period but if it can make the lotions and potions I'm smearing all over myself any more effective I'm all for giving it a go and even if it does absolutely nothing it feels like it's working so isn't that all that matters? So now I have just over 48 hours left and I'm looking for any last minute quick-fix going. Any suggestions? As of today I am fizzy drink free to avoid bloating and I'll be cutting down on carbs until I'm lying by the pool but
I will be doing a follow up 'get bikini ready' series when I return so any other hints and tips you want to share.. leave a comment! Anything from body brushing to sitting at the right angle I'm sure will be appreciated!

On a more positive note I am very excited to finally be going on holiday.. the kids are driving me nuts!

Miss BB


  1. Congrats! What was your starting weight? You're so brave to put this on your blog! Well done :D xxx

    1. 10st 1lb and thank you! I honestly think a lot of it is my baby weight naturally dropping off so I'm not a typical 'loser' right now anyway. I have another 10lbs to lose before I'm back to my pre-baby weight

  2. I think the soap and glory sit tight is awesome :) you just have to sit down once you've put it on :) easy xxx


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