Friday, 17 February 2012

Whitney - A Not So Moving Tribute

Granted this is not my best work and I MAY have blogged this before (possibly) but given the recent passing of the legend that was Whitney Houston it seemed relevant! I will always be oddly proud of this video because despite the terrible quality and dodgy camera freezes it took a full day to film and edit and I don't think I could do it again if I tried so here I am doing my best miming to some Whitney Houston & Deborah Cox.. I'm sorry!

Miss BB


  1. thats amazing! and you look great!

    1. thank you!! I wish it was better quality but I still love it x

  2. i absolutley LOVEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD THIS! Ive seen this soo many times its amazing! how did you film it?

  3. Hahah this is brilliant! Love it!!

  4. I watched this a few months back and thought it was amazing, id ask you to do another but not if it takes allday. so cool though x


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