Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Miners Lip Colour

L-R Dreamer, Glamour Girl, Seduction, Icon

With the regular lip colour range I have to start with Dreamer! It's a frosty, shimmering formula and well.. it's not for me. It's dated and all just a bit old fashioned. I'm pleased to say that of the 12 lipsticks they sent to me it's the only miss. The shade is actually quite nice but the finish.. not so much. Seduction is very much a true red, Glamour Girl a fun candy pink and Icon is the first plum I've ever swatched and considered to be potentially wearable.

I can't believe I haven't even mentioned the scent of these lipsticks. I find it impossible to describe a fragrance but I can tell you they smell deliciously fruity and you definitely wont mind having them under your nose all day.

Overall I am so impressed by everything Miners has launched recently and can't wait to see what else they come up with!

These are available for £3.99 here

Miss BB


  1. Loving the look of Seduction!


  2. Love Icon, but they all are fun colors!

  3. That red is stunning!

    Belle from http://www.secretsfromthesewingbox.blogspot.com/


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