Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I was 'surprised' yesterday evening (Ella is LOUD lol) with a candlelit bath and roses, so sweet! Our bathroom is far from glamourous but he did his best and I had what Ella called a 'romantic bath'

I trimmed the roses down this morning for the living room, c'est chic, non?
We'd agreed we weren't doing Valentines Day until the 17th this year as the kids are both away so I wasn't expecting anything at all until then but flowers are always a welcome surprise!

What are you doing this Valentines?

Miss BB


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  1. Aww! how sweet, we aren't celebrating until the 17th either, since it's my birthday. We figured we do it all in one go, but hubby did bring me home yellow roses <3 :) x


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