Friday, 20 January 2012

Wedding Nails? #3

Apologies for the shoddy paint job but this polish will be whipped off later to make way for a fresh manicure as tonight it my hen party (woop) I just wanted to show another wedding option before the weekend. Utopia was a popular choice with most from the first post so what I have on here is..

Models Own - Utopia 
Models Own - Beth's Blue on ring fingers
Barry M - Hologram over Beth's Blue

I like the "something blue" element and the sparkly accent nail on my ring finger. Before I put each choice to the vote there will be one super bright option.. watch this space!

Miss BB


  1. i dont know how you are going to choose between them all. i hope the bright is to match your shoes :D

  2. This colour would look ace with the ring finger in a bright pink :-)
    L xx

  3. this is my favourite so far, its halfway between traditional and quirky, i love it!


  4. Love this one! For my wedding i'm going to have nude pink nails with silver glitter tips, traditional with a twist :)

  5. This is by far my favourite so far! It's really elegant xx

  6. i LOVE this!!!!!!! awesome idea something blue! your weddings going to be fabulous i cant wait to see pics. will you have it video'd? xx

  7. ohh I thought the white was a winner but this is lovely! and the something blue is such a nice touch :D

  8. Really love this! But can't wait for the last option!

  9. This one is my favourite! So pretty, bit of bling and a nod to tradition :) but will save my vote until the super bright - I'm holding out for a hot pink....


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