Thursday, 15 December 2011

Salon Style Hair...At Home?

Now I'll admit when I first saw these promo shots of Louise Redknapp for the new Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style I wasn't sure. I've known and loved her as a boho blonde for so many years this was a radical change but we all like to switch up our hair as seasons pass and Winter has obviously tempted her back to her darker roots. I do think she needs to bring back her bronzed glow but her new shade really makes her eyes pop where blonde never did and I tend to think warm brunette tones are more youthful... 
but then I would say that wouldn't I?

Louise has been experimenting with darker shades recently and I think the chocolate brown she's settled on has brought back the natural shine to her bleached hair. I know that's what always steers me back to brunette! To achieve her new do she used the new LIVE Salon Style from Schwarzkopf (in case I hadn't already made that clear). It's the first professional quality hair colour to be developed for home use and promises to cover greys and leave you with healthy, shiny hair. 
Whenever I've had an all over colour at the salon it does always look better than my own efforts at home.. but why? I always thought it must be application but apparently not. Schwarzkopf claim to have bottled it so I can't wait to give it a go. Those of you that have tried other products from the LIVE range in the past will know the results are intense and less prone to fade so I'm excited to see how they've improved upon an already winning formula.

For more info check out the video below...

You know I'm a huge advocate of home hair colouring, you name it, I've tried it so when something new is launched my poor hair knows it's set to play guinea pig. Fortunately LIVE have developed an app for you to test out one (or all) of their 20 new shades before taking the plunge. I tried it out.. 
What do you think?

Try it for yourself here

Will you be switching up your shade this holiday season?

Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style is available nationwide now RRP £5.99
You can purchase from right now for £3.99 here

Miss BB

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  1. I think Louise Redknapp's hair looks gorgeous, it's so sleek and shiny! I actually think that red colour would suit you haha :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I've done red before and it's far too hard to keep it up but I did like it. Louise's hair looks a lot better in "real life".. those promo pictures don't do it justice at all!

  3. Funnily enough I just used this brand to go from blonde to brown again the other day for the good of my hair. However this is the shade I SHOULD have chosen. Going to have to change it up a little soon!


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