Saturday, 5 November 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc. Victoria

Apologies for the terrible picture.. I just couldn't get a good photo of the colour so I figured natural light would be the best bet. I got this polish free in this months copy of Glamour. Of all the magazine subscriptions I've had over the years Glamour is the first one that always sends me the freebies you'd get if you bought at the newsagents... big love to them for that!
I like the shade, it's very fitting of the upcoming festive season and it will get some wear but as is always the case with these darker shades.. it's tricky to look even and neat. One or even two coats will likely look streaky and the more coats you add the more careful you have to be to be covering the same area on each nail. You can see here where I've over-shot around the edges and it doesn't look great... but that's really an application issue. The formula is great, as you'd expect from Nails Inc, and chipping time was average, 2 or 3 days and repainting was necessary. 

Did you get a Nails Inc freebie from Glamour this month?


  1. I got Picadilly Circus, I love the colour as I am a major fan of dark nail polishes, although they can be a pain to apply!

  2. I got tate i love it :) Check out my channel i feature it in a haul :) heres the link:

  3. i got that one as well and i felt the same as you :P

  4. @AlbertineB
    I think I have that one.. also love dark polishes.. when they go right
    @Shona X
    Thanks x
    I'm really pleased with it :)

  5. I got Basil Street, a soft toffee.
    Just subscribed last month and got a free Murad Primer, not too shabby.

  6. Lovely colour, i really want Basil Street!

  7. I am sure I have received a Models Own Nail Polish in a similar shade aaaages ago from Glamour haha!

    Will deff be buying it again, they last forever.

    - Allie

    Allie UK Beauty Blog

  8. i got piccadilly, its lovely but very similar to many colours i own... im the other way round with polish the darker it is the easier to apply, i really struggle with light colours :S


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