Monday, 7 November 2011

MAC - Most Wanted

Last week I was desperate to get my hands on some of the new Glitter and Ice collection from MAC but since I had to put off my shopping trip I've decided my money may be better spent elsewhere... 
There are a few things I've wanted for a while... these are they...

Now OBVIOUSLY I'm not about to run out and get all this in one trip but this is my fantasy shopping list I'll keep handy when I next visit my local counter. I have wanted to try Studio Sculpt Foundation/Concealer since I bought the Studio Fix Fluid and it broke me out. I loved the coverage and the finish but I couldn't live with what it did to my skin. Apparently the Studio Sculpt is a lighter alternative as it's gel-based and hydrating so shouldn't have the same, ugly effect but does offer buildable-full coverage and a nice finish. 
The eye shadows are just more must haves I'm told I "need" by bloggers far and wide and the brow set I will need to try before I buy. My brows are light and sparse, I'd love to find a quick way to groom them in the mornings but as yet nothing looks as natural as a powder which takes some time and requires a palette and brushes.. I would be over the moon if MACs brow set did the job in one swipe but I'm not holding out much hope. I want a pro palette quad because it's handier than the 15 palettes I have and I feel like I am more likely to rotate the shades and get more use out of what I have. Because I'm a palette fiend I'd likely buy quarry and humid in refill form. Lastly, Groundwork - I haven't found a paint pot I really love for daily use yet but this seems a light enough neutral taupe brown to be worn every day and the lip glass is the gloss version of my go to MAC lipstick so I must have it, right?

Have you got anything on my list? 
Do you have any major MAC recommendations?
What are you currently lusting after?


  1. If you're after something that sorts out your eye brows quickly and in one swipe try the Suqqu eyebrow pencil. It's like a felt tip liner for your brows. It applies so easily, looks totally natural and it's waterproof, so no smudging once it's dried. Really one of my favourite products ever.

    I also own the Viva Glam Lipglass in V and it's one of my favourite glosses ever, especially when worn over the same shade lipstick!

  2. I really want to try out the MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks. Especially New Temptation, looks such a pretty colour of red!

    Love the MAC stuff, although I only have a few eyeshadows in my collection currently.

    - Allie UK

    Allie UK Blog

  3. I have a similar list which is permamnently in the basket of my MAC account online...unfortunatly it costs well over £70..!
    I can dream I guess!


  4. I really want the studio sculpt foundation, its top of my list at the moment! I said that i wanted at least medium coverage, radiant/dewy finish and for it to be good for redness and dry skin and the mac artist said it would be perfect for those things.

  5. I have the foundation and love it, its not too heavy and gives great coverage without looking cakey and doesn't make your skin look 'dry'. It is definately a must have.
    The quad is also fab for travel etc

  6. I also have a wish list of MAC products, but the 4 x eyeshadow pallete is costly for what it is, elf do the same for 1.50 !

    I would love to try the paint pots, more eyeshadows, sculpt concealer...BRUSHES!!! the list just goes on and on !!!

  7. When will you be posting the winner of the Chanel bronzer giveaway?
    Really want to try some of these Mac products too :)

  8. i really dont own a lot of mac so my wish list is longer than my arm... :S


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