Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Nails from Miners - A/W '11

This week I received the new Miners A/W Nail Polish shades to review. When I first saw them online I couldn't wait to get my hands on them, they are so different to last years A/W collection. This time around they've gone for glossy opaque colours where as previously Miners have favoured the shimmery/frost finishes which I'm not entirely on board with. Before I even begin I love "Weekend in Paris" which may seem like a boring old red but it's a little on the pink side and different to any other I have in my collection. As we near the festive season I can't get enough of red nail polish. Without further ado.. here they are..

L-R - Fairytale of New York, London Calling, Bangkok Blues, Weekend in Paris and Plum

The first I tried was Fairytale of New York, it's the one colour I'd have never picked up so I guess I was out of my comfort zone. I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't exactly wowed. I don't think green is the best colour on me and this is not the autumnal shade I'd have chosen. It's more like a racing green. I really love the Miners formula, they go on nicely in two coats and are reasonably chip-resistant so I will definitely get through the rest of the collection and post as and when I wear them.

You can buy the new range from Miners.co.uk priced at £2.99 each

Have you tried anything from this budget brand?


  1. I used to LOVE Miners make-up when I was younger and then it seemed to disappear from the shelves!? I like the look of "Bangkok Blues" I'll check out the website and maybe bring back some memories :) x

  2. see the green is the one i would have picked from them... i love how dark and rich it is :D


  3. I used to love Miners too, I still have some of their old dazzle dusts from when I was about 15 (a very long time ago)! I'll definitely be checking out their site :)

  4. Bangkok blues looks georgous! I think ill have to order a few of these x

  5. Awh these look really Good! Love them!! x


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