Monday, 31 October 2011

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream for £13!!!

Really quick blast to tell you that Buyapowa have Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream (50ml) at 40% off RIGHT NOW. This is NOT a sponsored post, I have bought this deal myself (look for me on the list) and I couldn't keep it to myself. It will go for £13 when it sells out... which of course it will. I had to have it for my hospital bag, I've never actually bought a full sized tube before but what with winter coming and 40% off... I couldn't resist!!!

You can get the offer here

Do any of you consider this a "must have" ?

Also must mention... have you seen their limited edition range for Christmas? 
I might have to treat myself to this bling lip balm to match... even if it is a whopping £19 *eek*
You can pick that up online at

*Again, I received no compensation for the publishing of this post and there was no request by any companies for me to do so, just genuinely sharing a very good deal with my lovely readers!*


  1. the christmas lipbalm looks amazing :D

  2. I was so tempted to get the buyapowa offer but i prefer the idea of having the lipbalm version as i know id use it more! love the christmas version too.

  3. @mm
    I know! I want it but since I've bought the 8hr treatment anyway it's a bit pointless as it can be used as balm and is £6 cheaper lol
    I first thought I'd bought the moisturiser but its the original 8hr which is like a really thick balm so it's a WAY better deal so much as I love the xmas packaging I think I'll forgo the lip balm.

  4. I saw this on buyapowa yesterday and jumped straight in as I'd actually run out of 8 hour cream and it's a pretty amazing deal. It really is the best cream in the world for any skin woes.

  5. That's such a great deal! I've been checking buyapowa from time to time after you'd posted about it before. Glad I haven't missed this deal. xx


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