Monday, 5 September 2011

Outfit Month #5

I think I'm doing pretty well keeping up with this whole "outfit month" so far. It's so much easier uploading from my phone if it's everyday commitment.
Today what I am wearing is my new chunky sweater from Primark, Topshop maternity leggings and Faith boots (as you can see from my awesome pose)
Today was my first walk TO work (I usually only have to walk home) so I needed the RedBull.. Don't judge me!
Very neutral makeup today, ABC gum from Urban Decay and Wedge from Mac on my eyes, Peaches blush from Mac and bare lips. I straightened my hair this morning for the first time in ages and I'm gonna have to review what I used on it 'cause it still feels fantastic.
It was also Ella's first day back at school, for those wondering she was itching to get back and had what she called "the best day ever" which is always nice to hear. We're on our way home from Meadowhall (again) now having stocked up on some new schoolwear and taken back some not so flattering maternity jeans to H&M. I did receive a parcel from H&M today as it happens so I'll probably be wearing what I bought tomorrow!

What's your favourite store for basics?


  1. Love your jumper! Chunky knits are awesome - gotta love autumn/winter for that reason! :)
    Jess xx

  2. you look amazing, i love the makeup today, i havent used straighteners for like 6 months, i reckon i would love it if i used them again but im refraining lol :D


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