Friday, 23 September 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish 40% off

I was approached yesterday by the company BuyaPowa. I get a lot of emails from companies regarding sponsored posts as you can imagine and most I disregard as they are irrelevant or I just don't like the look of them. This was completely different. I intend to do a full post about the company at a later stage... possibly even later today but the deal that just went live is too great to miss so I wanted to get something up as quickly as possible. You can view all of the information and how it works on the site itself but to give you an overview it's kind of a cross between Bid-up TV and Groupon. There is one deal at a time and the more people that buy it the cheaper the price gets until it reaches it's "best price". Best price is achieved at 75 buyers and the deal ends once there are 100. You buy at one price and then spread the word (much as we do when there's a great Groupon deal) in the hope you will lower your price. Once the deal timer ends or  100 people have bought you all pay the same price (much like Bid-up TV).
Another great perk is the leader board for referrals. If you refer the most people you get your item for FREE!
Like I said I really want to get in to this in more details and talk about what the company is all about and how it will hopefully work for budget-hunting consumers like you and I but this post is just to make you aware of the general idea and todays offer. I'd like to point out at this stage I have bought this myself with my own money, it was not provided to me and you can see me on the site as the 5th person to buy. You guys know I was already uber-excited about the launch of Nails Inc's Magnetic Nail Polish but I hadn't bitten the bullet and purchased yet and that is because of the price. You can see my original post about the launch and how the polish works etc here.
I've bought the deal at £10 which is a £3 discount already (postage is free) and if 70 more people buy it we will all get it for £7 which is an absolute bargain! The downside is that they only have 1 shade on offer and although I would have probably chosen the silver to get more wear I have more purple polish than anything else so it's safe to say it still appeals. You will also have to wait for the deal to end for the item to be posted to you but as we bargain shoppers know that is a small price to pay for 40% off a recently launched product.
If you've already heard of this site I'd be really interested to know whether you've bought from them before or what deals you'd like to see them offer in the future, that's another great thing about BuyaPowa, they want US to tell THEM what we want so they can get it for us (again... I'll add more detail later)
Anyway I've rambled enough for what was supposed to be a very brief post but I'm really excited about this. If you are interested in the deal you can view it here and if you have any questions leave me a comment or tweet me @msbudgetbeauty for a quicker response.

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  1. i heard about this company too. you will have to let us know how it goes, so how long delivery takes etc :D thanks


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