Tuesday, 2 August 2011

7 Day Palette Challenge - Take One

A while back I set myself this challenge on the back on EmilyNoel83's video about getting out of a makeup rut. I chose Urban Decay's Book of Shadows III which in hindsight wasn't so smart seeing as I now work in an office and bright blue or green shadow would be a little OTT. I thought I would share the 5 week day looks that I did manage.

Suspect, Smog and Perversion

Last Call, Rockstar and Bordello

Maui Wowie, Loaded and Money

Smog and Perversion

Money, Loaded and Snatch

I love the looks but there's not a tremendous amount of difference between them all. I would really like to complete the 7 day challenge so I'm going to try again with the Heaven and Earth Palette from the MUA Pro range (below). I was going to use the Naked but I have really love this palette recently and think there's almost more options than with the Urban Decay neutral option. I will start next week when I'm back at work.
Have you done this challenge? leave me your link if you have!


  1. i havent done this challenge but i think its a great idea, i really want this palette btw :D


  2. This is a really good idea, I wasn't interested in getting the heaven and earth palette before but recently I've been wanting it more and more after hearing so much about it!


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