Friday, 1 July 2011

DIY neckline...

I picked up this dress from Primark for a bargainous £3. I knew I wasn't 100% sold on the cut but at that price I had nothing to lose if my alteration didn't work out.
Firstly I HATED the gold buttons down the sides (you can't see them well here but trust me... they were there) So first thing I snipped those bad boys off!
 Next up I took my scissors to the centre of the neckline and cut to my preferred depth. I folded in the excess fabric and put a couple of stitches in to hold it in place and voila...
The original neckline was so unflattering on me.. and quite possibly on anyone. What I have now is something much more my style and it took me 5 minutes, TOPS!
Don't throw away an item that you're not in love with anymore before getting a little creative first. If it doesn't work out you've lost nothing but if it does you've given it a new lease of life and you'll feel that little boost of pride every time you wear it knowing you had a hand in it's custom style.


  1. ooh very creative, well done! x

  2. great job!!!! I love itttt.. its a lot more flattering too ^^


  3. it looked really frumpy before but i think it suits you with a deeper neckline :D


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