Monday, 6 June 2011

A Whiter Smile in 10 Days?

I recently caved into the hype that is Crest Whitestrips and purchased 2 boxes on eBay
They were shipped from Canada and cost me £33.61
Each box has 10 pouches containing 2 strips - an upper and a lower.
I cannot WAIT to bust these out and try them. I thought I would share my whitening plans with you all so I will be documenting my progress day by day here on my blog. In preparation for the delivery of this wonder product I have been using a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash (below) to start with the cleanest whitest teeth I could in order to get the best possible results. I have to say I've never rated a whitening product before but the combiniation of these two have already dont wonders. I have always had very yellow teeth, I don't know why, but I'm very excited to whiten them up.

I watch people like Kandee Johnson with her insanely white teeth in envy and I would love to be able to tell you in 10 days that I'm on my way to a Kandee-white smile!

Have you tried anything fabulous to whiten your teeth that's really worked for you?


  1. i'll be interested in seeing the results because my teeth are quite yellow and i hate it :(

  2. I am looking forward to hearing your verdict on this one. I am currently blasting my mouth with Beverley Hills whitening toothpaste and also Listerine stay white mouthwash, but no incredible results so far


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