Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mixed Metals

*what I'm wearing*
Dress from Primark (summer 2010)
I've never worn this before, it's just hung in my closet but it's baggy enough to just about hide my expanding waist right now. - Great for Primark, I think.
 Necklace is also an old one from Primark but it's had a lot of wear. Its kind of a mix of gold/brassy and pewter tones so it's really versatille.
Shoes were an eBay bargain from a few years back, Jimmy Choo, I wish I knew the name... they are pretty bashed up now but I love them all the same.
You may have noticed my hair... longer? yes! I'm wearing extensions... I dyed them to match my hair and they turned out pretty well. If you'd be interested in a post/video about how to dye them/how to care for them, leave me a comment!


  1. The shoes are stunning, I love them!

  2. your hair looks lovely, it blends really well even though its straight, my extensions look too obvious when straight, i always have to wear them wavy :D

  3. Hey Khila.. I know this is a bit of a wierd request, but can you please do a post/video on how to keep your legs smooth? Whenever I take the hair off my legs it makes it look spotty, but theres not actually spots.. You know like the dots where the hair is meant to be? I dont know how to get rid, and your legs look nice :) No Homo Lol!
    Btw you look great x


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