Monday, 7 February 2011

Birthday Party OOTD

My parents threw me a little party (at my request lol) for my birthday on Saturday.. here's a quick ootd and some other pics from the evening! 

My dress is from Next (sale)
Shoes - Jimmy Choo "Glenys" (my prized posession)
Earrings - Forever 21 (from my birmingham haul)

They served Oysters... they were supposed to be a "treat" eugh! I love shellfish and all things seafood but oysters are just horrible. They taste like the sea... literally like taking a gulp of salty sea water.. why????

Now this cocktail was much more palatable!

*Florida Fizz*
Pink Grapefruit



1 comment:

  1. ahaha omggg i so get you! i dont know what the big deal about oysters is if they taste AND look like rubbish :/ xx


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