Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Girl Blues

So I've been on a bit of a Tutorial mission of late and here's my latest offering..
I wanted to film but was going out to Mum and Dads for lunch so didn't want anything too "out there" .. here's what I came up with! Admittedly the pics don't look like much but I hope at least in the video you can see a little more dimension. Excuse my eyebrows I'm holding our for a threading next week :p

I used Urban Decay Shattered all over the lid, MAC Plumage in the crease and ELF Sage to blend.. 
The eyeliner is a bright blue from 2true
for more info check out the video tutorial 

and just for good measure... some shots with and without the lippie ;)


miss bb


  1. oh, love this look! you are very pretty. X

  2. I can honestly say there is no look you have done that I have dont love. Everyone is great! You are fabulous!!!


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