Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No No No! or...Yes?

I'm a terribly indecisive, you might know this about me already!
Yesterday I was all set.. definitely going blonder for Christmas.. now, I'm almost certainly staying dark.
I love Leighton Meester's hair, she has done blonde in the past but I'm browsing her hair pics to keep me on track now and thought I would share my favourites...

The brunette shades really bring out her eyes but the lighter tones she favours really give her a glow.
I am stuck whether to redye to stick with what I have.. it's fading in a strange way right now .. I have red roots and light brown ends.. I will see how long I can put up with it for..
All the while keeping in mind Leighton and her glossy locks to get me through.

what colour are you this christmas?


miss bb


  1. I'm a natural redhead though with age my color has turned more brown. I color my hair red because it suits me more. I find that in the fall/winter I tend to do more darker shades & in the spring/summer I do lighter. I don't even think I've used the same exact color twice.

  2. I love the pics of Leighton Meester, especially the first one.
    I am a brunette and when i dye my hair i tend to use the more reddish/brown toned hair dyes. Last time i used a color that was burgandy and it came out really dark; i was a little unsure at first about it but then i fell in love with the color and went to go get another box and couldn't find one anywhere :(
    I think you should stay with the darker colors at least for the Christmas holidays.

  3. I've had just about every hair colour but I've definitely settled on blonde now...although it is high maintenance!


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