Monday, 13 December 2010

Eyeko Creams

I recently made a little order with eyeko! My first as it happens!
I knew I wanted to try a glow cream but when I came to choose I just couldn't.. So obviously I bought all 3! :p

These are the three...
tinted/original/extra glow

And swatches in the same order..

From my playing around with them for only a couple of days I like them all! I use the original as a base under foundation, the tinted as a cream bronzer and the extra glow as a highlight! You can expect to see these in a video very soon!

If you make an order don't forget to add my code to get a free gift :)


Miss BB


  1. The original looks so pretty, on my wishlist now !:)

  2. hey, i know this is from aaages ago but i can't seem to get hold of the eyeko creams on their website any more. do you know where else might sell them? because I really want them!!!! xxx


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