Monday, 8 November 2010

Femme Beauty Nails - Electric Blue

Todays nails are electric blue from la femme beauty ..

I was sent this by a budget beauty site
It retails around £1.50 if my memory serves me correctly (which it might not)

As I haven't used this brand before and some of you may be put off by the low price I thought I'd do a propper review..

Here it is after one coat

As you may be able to tell it's pretty streaky and very sheer..

I had to apply another two coats (the last of which was pretty thick) to get the coverage you see here!

I will do an update when I know how well it lasts and can feedback on chip resistancy etc but right now I am happy with the density and the colour is really nice.. I'm hoping that because I had to build up the colour with several coats it will last longer but.. Who knows! I'm gonna put a coat of clear over the top and keep you posted

FYI the colour in the bottle is very close to the "on the nail colour" - another positive feature in my book!


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