Sunday, 14 November 2010

Leopard Nails

This is so easy if you follow these steps...
The two colours could be anything but I chose Molten by Miners and Formidable by MAC 
Molten went on first, just one coat... 
Then Formidable..
This was a good choice as it's sheer.. 
I did kind of a half manicure... no need to be neat as you're pretty much covering it all up anyway..
Lastly Barry M's Nail Effects... this is the magic ingredient... 
this is a one coat deal.. two coats and you'll ruin it!
As you can see a little better in this picture putting the nail effects over the top kind of blends the colours beneath.. I love the effect! These two colours looked very leopard printy but I tried it will some different shades for halloween and it looks really cool no matter what you use! 
Try it out and send me your pictures to


miss bb

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