Monday, 25 October 2010

Opi Texas Collection

The Opi collection has a Southern Theme for S/S 2011.
Named Texas there is a shade for everyone...

Here are the colour swatches.. gorgeous or what?

I'm lovin' San Tan-Tonio/Big Hair, Big Nails/It's totally Fortworth it

see me peeking in the mirror? I was sooo dressed down (:/)

Loved the cute themes that ran throughout.. each colour has it's own little story.. that's a lot of legwork for a polish, no?

This silver was really cute, reminded me of the Barry M, swatched very sheer but I imagine it would be very buildable.. could potentially be a real metallic shade. The nail swatches provided I'm not convinced were that true to life.. I will definitely be looking out for reviews in the Spring..
These shades won't be available until February which seems like a while to wait but with Christmas just 60 sleeps away... it'll be here before you know it ;)


miss bb

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  1. I love the jelly/sorbet look of the pinks and oranges of this collection. Some people have been critisicing them, but I think it's great that OPI have come out with something a bit different to the usual cremes and shimmers. Looking forward to getting hold of a few of them.
    Feel free to follow my new blog reviewing OPI polishes...
    I only started it yesterday so it's very much still in its infancy but I'd love to hear from you! :)


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