Monday, 27 September 2010

I'll take some E!

Hey guys!!!

So many of you ask me how my hair has stayed reasonably healthy even though I dye/bleach it within an inch of its life,
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I've tried many things, the current favourite is E-Oil from Holland and Barrett!

It's not the cheapest place you can get it but when I bought it it was 2 for £4 so it was a steal!
I smother my dry hair with the oil and leave it in a towel over night.
I was and condition in the morning and VOILA!
My hair is fabulous, strong, soft and shiny.
I've tried using a quarter bottle and I've tried using a half and theres no better result using more so I wouldnt recommend it! I'm going to try dilluting it this weekend and will of course report my findings :)

What are your favourite hair products right now???


miss bb

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