Monday, 26 July 2010

My Hair-raising Plan...eek!

My Hair Idol

Okay girls..
This is happening!!! I am going to attempt a DIY Gisele hair colour!!!
Am I crazy? Quite possibly but I'm gonna do it!
I'm bored of this base light blonde now, I think it washes me out :(
I've dreamed for YEARS of having my very own Gisle hair.. and this week I intend to make it a reality
so far I have purchased a tinting brush... that is all lol,
I'm going to buy 2 different shades, a dark blonde/light brown and a medium blonde, I am going to attempt to foil and hand paint my hair to recreate this look..
I am going to look up as many YT vids on foiling/lowlighting etc as possible to hopefully be a little more knowledgeable and prepared but either way it is happening so wish me luck!!!

miss bb

1 comment:

  1. good luck!!! i wouldnt be brave enough to do it myself!


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