Saturday, 8 May 2010

Oh How Sleepy

I just woke up, it's nearly 1pm....i really must start going to bed early I've wasted half of my saturday....although UFC is on tonight so no doubt we shall be staying up for that....I'll start tomorrow night! My new videos have drawn a little crowd which is nice and I posted a contest video yesterday which a lot of people have viewed but nobody has entered yet...I may add a giveaway for 2nd prize so it's easier to enter...we'll see, maybe 50 entries was optimistic, I'm not that popular lol. Nobody is even following this blog yet but I figure I'll keep updating and when people do find it they'll have a lot of content to look through. My fiance is in the shower and once he's out I'll be delivered marmite on toast and tea in bed...after that perhaps I shall do some very light shopping with my very little money :) a little retail therapy (no matter how little) always picks me up. Oh and I've lost my favouritest nailpolish :( I believe it to be hiding somewhere in my bedroom...but where....... I'll keep you posted


miss bb

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