Sunday, 9 May 2010


I made it in the top 100 list of subscribers this month yay!! I'm number 82 but if people keep subbing theres still most of the month to go right? I went up to number 72 most viewed yesterday :D... It's so exciting!! I haven't had time alone to make/upload any content today :( but tomorrow definitely and I'm gonna try and hook up my digital's gotta be better than my webcam quality which is really sucky right now. I'm not so technical though so I'm looking at hundreds of tutorials on how to do this with my sony gotta love the internet right guys?!
Anyway I'd best be off my tea is ready ...egg and soldiers yum!
love you all and sub my channel, keep suppporting me and i'll only move up that list :D

miss bb


  1. Hi Khila!

    I clicked on your site on youtube. Blogspot didn`t upload my photos from Twitter, so I have to get another picture. In your blogspot profile I wrote that you`re born in the sign of the zodiac of aquarius. Me too. My birthday is February 1st. When is your birthday? Best wishes from Germany Sven (in Youtube known as The Owl Daddy). :-)

  2. sven stop trying to hit on girls online! You're 40!and a dwarf!


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