Saturday, 1 May 2010

Home Alone

Well...Our housemate moved out today....WOOHOO! more bills for us but no awkwardness while eating dinner in front of the tele lol. You really can't have a housemate when you're a couple...especially when you have a child, I don'r know what I was thinking. But hey, it's over now! My bruise is improving you'll all be glad to know I'm sure, also I discovered a new body moisturiser, it's fantastic. I was browsing the beauty aisle at the supermarket and came across a cocoa butter oil/gel thing...I'll do a mini haul/review of some things I picked up. It's great, sinks in really well but if you're lucky enough to get regular massages from your partner like me :D then you'll be interested! Because it's an oil/gel base it doesn't break up and go all bitty when rubbing in, it's like a cross between baby oil and body far I can't fault it and it smells devine. I'm about to get a nice rub down with it now so I'd best be off but please check out my youtube channel for updates and the review video!


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