Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Baby Blues

When I fell pregnant with Ella I was scared but I was excited.
She wasn't planned but I only ever had one solid ambition and that was to have a child.
When I imagined my future children I will admit I had visions of a beautiful wedding that preceeded the pregnancy but we can't have everything! My logic was that if I decided not to have this child I may be punished later in life with infertility. Now that I am with a new partner and trying for a second child that logic really resonates.
I am into my 3rd month of trying and I'm growing increasingly concerned that it may not happen for me a second time. I've told myself (and my partner) that Ella is enough, I don't NEED a second.. worst comes to worst we will adopt. I mean, that's the same right?

Only now it's really hitting me... If this doesn't happen for me that's a huge thing I have to come to terms with, I will never have that magical experience I dreamt of...a pregnancy with a man who loved me and is as excited about the baby as I am. My fiance has no children of his own and I would love nothing more than to give him a child of his own, a child we can share, I feel like it would cement our little family and I've never wanted Ella to be an only child.

Before we started trying I was planning multiple children... now I would be happy with just one more... JUST ONE... is it that much to ask?
I watched a video this evening where a woman found out she was pregnant, she was nervous and it was unplanned but I was so overwhelmingly happy for her. How could anyone be upset to have a baby? It's what I want now more than anything. After watching I was compelled to take a test.. I am not due for 2 more days and have no symptoms so the chances I am pregnant are very slim, this being said I convinced myself I saw a second line... a VERY VERY VERY faint (some would say invisible) line! If you want something bad enough can you will it to happen?
In two days time I may know either way but if it is a negative I just can't give up hope, not yet!
Until I AM pregnant I will keep you all updated on how I'm going and what different things I am trying but I hope for my sanity it's not much longer and more than anything that it's not impossible.

Wish Me Luck


Miss BB

Monday, 30 August 2010

MakeUp for BIG eyes / MakeUP for SMALL eyes

Here are my tips for you...

Obviously the eye on the left is designed to make your eyes "smaller" and the right "bigger"
And below are all the tools I used...
All of which could be substituted for other similar items you may already have.
Here I have a contour palette... very affordable from ebay, cost around £6/7, just search "contour palette" and you'll be spoiled for choice...
I used a black and white nyx pencil but you could substitute for black and white khol.. it just won't blend quite so easily!
Rimmels 3 looks mascara and Urban Decays eyeliner in mary jane

For the darker eye I used the NYX pencil in black bean as a base,
I used a little and blended it over my lid and a little into my socket and just under my lower lashes..
I then used the darkest shade of the contour palette to go over the black ... simple!
I used the pencil again just on my upper lashline before using the mascara on the 3rd setting.
On the paler eye I used the shade on the palette closest to my foundation...
I used the second darkest shade on the palette to shade my crease and a little under my lower lashes, I used the lightest colour on the palette to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
I used a little of the liner to define both lash lines.
For this eye I used the first setting on the mascara.
Overall the idea is that lighter colours will give the illusion that your eyes a bigger by opening them up and creating light, darker colours close up that space and create shadows, make the eye appear smaller.

It really all depends on what you want to use this technique for because I find darker more defined eyes draw more attention and make them stand out where as paler colours are more subtle and "everyday"

I was asked recently to do a tutorial for someone who had large eyes and wanted to make them appear smaller/play them down and in all honesty I don't know how to answer that query... it really all depends on which part of your eye you're trying to disguise, if it's your eyelids then a dark colour will shrink them in moments where as if you want to make your eyes themselves appear smaller I would suggest you use paler colours around the eyes so that they stand out less...

Anyone with any other suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment and if you wanna check out my video for this tutorial click the link below

Love you guys
miss BB

Friday, 27 August 2010

Barry M Nails...

Hey Guys

I've had a few requests to show my nail polish collection so I thought I would start with Barry M - MY FAVOURITE!!! so... why not leave me a comment with your favourite shade xxx

Naked Palette Dupes...

Hi Guys!

Firstly thanks for all the kind and supportive message from everyone regarding the harsh hater comments left on formspring yesterday. It really means a lot that you guys would go out of your way to be outrgaed on my behalf lol.. Shows a united front to these people!!
Anywho, on to the swatching, I'd like to take this time to remind you AGAIN that this is NOT MY ARM!!!
It's a loaner arm for the purpose of swatching... my arm was already covered in swatches from me trying to find the right colours as I went a long, Hope you like the post and here's the link to the blog I found the original swatches from and tried to match up to (sometimes unsuccessfully I know)
This is my budget way of obtaining the unobtainable Naked Palette!!!

and here are the products I used

The toughest thing I found when finding dupes for Urban Decay colours (ever) is finding shimmers as highly pigmented! the closest I cam to any really great dupes I feel were the sahdes I had as kind of loose pigments.. very few of the pressed shadows gave the same kind of depth of colour you get from the UD palette.
So... I guess I still really do "need" the palette after all, but for the time being this excercise has at least refreshed my memory to some of the fabulous neutral shades I already own and maybe that will quench my beauty thirst... for now.

Miss BB

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Drugstore Matte Foundations - REVIEW

This is the blog as promised to accompany my latest video, if you have any questions afterwards please feel free to ask, preferably on youtube or twitter (@msbudgetbeauty) for a speedy response

NYC Natural Matte £2.99
good coverage, good colour match, doesn't stay matte well, goes patchy and sinks into pores over time also made me break out!
Rimmel Stay Matte £5.99
i just couldn't get this to work for me, perhaps it's the application, went on matte straight away but dried instantly so very difficult to blend, also made me break out!
misssporty So Matte £2.99
sheer coverage but you can build it up, stays matte for around 5 or 6 hours and doesn't go patchy, doesn't set though so can be rubbed off accidentally.
Natural Collection Shine Away£1.99
terrible (for me) i could not blend this as hard as i tried it was so thick and totally patchy, couldn't manage to get it to look right even once.
2true Smooth Matte £1.95
same as natural collection, couldnt blend, couldnt get an even coverage even once enough to really review how well it stays matte. no good for me!
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse £6.99
This was my absolute favourite! it's very much like a blendable powder, it's not wet or sticky it just goes on really smooth and stays matte nicely, even when i did get a little shiny it just gave a nice glowy look.
this is what the swatches i took in the video looked like after 10 mins... as you can see some set and dried a lot darker than they seemed in the tube... others just stayed wet... which isn't really ideal for a MATTE product?!?

Sunday, 15 August 2010

My Favourite Ebay Sellers

Hey Guys!

I know this has been requested sooo many times and for sooo long so I'm finally getting around to it!
Decided it would be easier the blog about it first... I never can remember names etc when I vlog and I can use my blog as "notes" :D
So... here it comes!

First up..
This chick sells a ton of NYX products at quite reasonable prices
she's a US seller so there's no worry of fake products from China here!

This store only sells Clinique Duo shadows among other things at really cheap prices and when I ordered she accidentally sent me the wrong one... she sent me the correct one with a self address envelope for me to send the wrong one back to her... I thought it was such great customer service I had to recommend this seller!!!

This seller sells lots of random items along with some beauty products
I bought some hard candy lip glosses from them for 99p  each.. they came boxed and I had others to compare them to so I know they were genuine.. You guys are always asking where I buy brands like this from... so here's one place!!! enjoy x

I got my two eyeshadow palettes from this seller and the free goats hair brushes I use a lot in tutorials!
I should point out that the shadows got here in pretty good condition considering they came from Hong Kong!
I recently bought similar palettes from a UK seller, they got here super fast but they were all broken up and I'm yet to hear back from the seller since I made a complaint!
I would buy from these guys again!

They are the only shops I can recommend that constantly have stock...
My tips for all of you out there looking for cheap brand products would be this...
look every day!
I prefer to buy from sellers that don't have lots of items for sale because the items are more likely to be genuine. For example, my biggest bargain to date was when I found an ex makeup artist selling her "barely used" stock... I bought about 12 eyeshadows from her for like £35... they all came in perfect condition and they really were hardly used! I would rather buy a "lightly used" product I know will be genuine than a brand new one that you're unsure of!
When a seller has a lot of the same thing and the prices look too good to be true... they probably are!
I've had my share of fakes but at the end of the day it's impossiblt to know in advance if you're buying a fake but ebays buyer protection programme is now so good you can afford to take the risk!

If you guys have any ebay recommendations please leave a comment 'cause I KNOW everyone loves a bargain!!!

love you guys

miss bb

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Oil free moisturisers - REVIEW


I have been trialing some moisturisers for you guys recently and these are my thoughts...
They are all oil free/matte or spot fighting but all very different in their own ways..

First Up
Simple Spotless Skin : Anti Blemish Moisturiser
it's a good moisturiser... it went on a little thin and it was sort of sticky... it did sink in but it did absolutely nothing for my skin - spot-wise! I'm told by my loyal subscribers on YT that this is fabulous for those with extremely oily skin... I didn't really benefit. Of all of the ones I bought to review I persevered with this one the longest because I so wanted it to work, I used it at a time when me skin would definitely have shown visible results as I was suffering from terrible breakouts.. but this product did NOTHING!
all in all... I give it a 4/10
For the following reasons..
It does moisturise... It does have a kind of mattifying effect BUT the brand has sold this as a big spot fighting wonder product and for me it just was not at all. Simple!

Clean and Clear - Oil Free - Dual Action Moisturiser

Now this is a product I can endorse..
I'll admit I have been using this for several years so maybe it's at an unfair advantage... but there's a reason I've repurchased this so many times... IT WORKS!
I can use it as a moisturiser and it generally keeps spots at bay... OR, what I find fantastic about this one is if I have a bad breakout I can put a good dollop of this stuff on while I'm watching the tele and in a couple of hours you can see a huge improvement and it doesn't dry out the affected area because ... IT'S A MOISTURISER!!! haha! It's fabulous! If I use tea tree oil ... yes it shrinks the breakout but it leaves me with flaky dry skin... this is like another world of spot fighting..
I am awarding this product 10/10
I am yet to find a fault with it, some people tell me it's not moisturising enough for them but for me it's fantastic and I recommend you all go out and buy it, it's CLEARLY the best ;) x

The next two in the range are more daytime oil free...

OE - dsf 10 - Mattifying Lotion
This is the skincare range from the Royal Effem
I was lucky enough to be sent some items to try out and since I recieved this product I have worn it under my makeup every day... and also the days I haven't worn makeup.
I have to say, I LOVE IT!
It goes on creamily, It's a lovely thick formula, not what you would expect from a matte lotion
It sinks in quite quickly... you can put your foundation or primer on withing 2/3 mins of putting it on which I think's pretty good going. It's not a bidget product and not something I would normally have shelled out for but having trialled it I think it is something I would re-purchase...
It remains to be seen as I mentioned on YT ... once this pot is empty I will let you know if I loved it enough to go buy it but I replaced my Clinique DramDif lotion for this and I have seen an improvement..
i don't know if it's the "organic elements" or what but my skin really does feel smoother!
I give this product a 7/10
I really like it.. but I think the price tag is a little steep... I know "you get what you pay for" and organic products do cost more, I think those of you that love organic would love this... but for me budget has to come in to play.. and I'm on one lol.

Garnier Pure - Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser
I bought this with high hopes because I use to LOVE the nightime garnier pure gel thing (whatever it was called) It used to cost somewhere in the region of £7 but it would get rid of any breakouts and leave my skin feeling really smooth..so when I got this home I was expecting a daytime equivalent..
This wasn't quite what I wanted.. I tried this on my off days without makeup and I tried it underneath..
Don't get me wrong I'm not going to throw it out... It will get used possibly as a primer occasionally and it will live on my dressing table but I just don't feel it had any stand out qualities..
It did have that old garnier smoothing feel but it wasn't THAT matte and I know it doesn't claim to fight spots but it does say "sebum control" and it definitely didn't help my skin when I broke out... some people have reported this moisturiser has dried their skin out... I didn't have that problem I just didn't really think much of it... it was ok... and that's probably as much of a review as I'd give... who knows.. I might change my mind over time if I keep using it, sometimes when you combine products you find a miracle mix...]I just don't see anything special about this on its own.
So I'm giving it a 5/10
It moisturises... It kind of controls shine, I think I was expecting more of this product than it was actually possible, but either way I was disappointed!

So obviously I have a winner!
I've always love that clean and clear product even though I've never been a fan of much else from their range..
If you have any questions of thoughts please leave me a comment I'd love to hear from you and if there are any products you'd like me to review please feel free to leave me a request xxx

miss bb

Monday, 9 August 2010

So I made PARTNER!

How cool is that?

Cool for me!

Anywho, all that means for you guys is occasional ads on y channel/videos, longer uploads from me and no copyrighted content!...OH and cool thumbnails too lol...

In other news, I've started a blog dedicated to my Vegas wedding planning, check it out here

You know I appreciate your opinions so let me know what you guys think and don't be afraid to comment!

I'm running a contest right now for some KISS USA nail products so be sure to enter, and if you want to enter for prize 2 send your entries to mekj1986@hotmail.co.uk
check out my video for the rules etc...

Also.. my hair turned out pretty good, not quite gisele but a nice dark blonde colour... see what you think..

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